Lucy’s style of yoga allows the body to strengthen, muscles to be lengthened, fascia & connective tissues to be softened which improves strength, flexibility & mobility and to calm the mind. Her unique classes fuse ancient styles of both Vinyasa flow and deep long hold Yin postures, allowing a powerful combination to create a deeper journey throughout the body; taking the physical body to work as hard as it needs to, whilst honouring indulgent deep stretches to help still the mind.

Lucy takes a simpler approach to life, using her life affirmation 'do the small things you love often and then we soon realise that these equate to the bigger things in life'. Her own yoga experience began very young, attending classes with her mother - she then later deepened her practice and understanding in her early twenties, recognising the power yoga can bring to balance a 'work hard/play hard' ethic whilst working within the advertising industry.

Lucy trained as a Vinyasa Flow Coach with the Yoga Alliance, gaining the recognised Frog Lotus Yoga qualification and has since grown further from later teachings, including 'Yin Yoga Teacher Training' and  ‘Yoga for a Healthy Spine'.

Yoga is a big part of her life and she truly believes it has the power to enhance the wellbeing of any individual. Lucy has been blessed to work with little ones who adore the gentle pleasure of yoga to those who find yoga much later on (over 90 in some cases) and is also happy to gently work with those struggling with injuries or illness. She is equally happy to work a group hard and challenge their physical bodies.

And at the end of the class, should you wish to join her, Lucy often produces small cups and flask of refreshing tea to share with her students.

Lucy teaches groups and individuals in Marlow, Buckinghamshire and the beautiful surrounding area.

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