I had never done yoga until I started Lucy's class just over a year ago. Now I wish I'd taken it up sooner! When I started I was not very flexible at all but Lucy helped me and over the months I have got much better. My strength and agility has improved incredibly. My shape has changed too and the lengthening of my muscles has given me a more elegant shape which I love. Lucy has a wonderful calm soothing manner, engaging the mind as well as the body in her teaching. 

The classes are a great mixture of people and even though I am possibly 20 years older than many I feel perfectly comfortable. 

Just a note to say thank you for your  wonderful classes and also all your advice and help with stretches for tired legs and my poor piriformis muscle. So appreciated and it all helped me to have a wonderful first marathon’

Eliza,  Maidenhead

Last night’s class was really good! My gawd those deep stretches really helped all over,  especially for my perilous hamstrings.  Nice one, thanks Lucy and see you next week!


Just to let you know that we will be relocating towards the end  of June/start of July to North Yorkshire.  Both Daisy and myself have really loved coming to your class, it has given us many health benefits and the confidence to try/have a go! 

I really hope to find a class as soon as possible but know that that will be tricky - we have been very lucky to have found you!

Sally, Medmenham

Colette, Marlow